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Since 1997, I have been providing legal services to hundreds of satisfied clients throughout the metroplex and across the State of Texas. Along the way I have developed a philosophy and a reputation of delivering an excellent service for a reasonable price. THE CLIENT ALWAYS COMES FIRST! In other words, I want you as a client for life – whether it be for your family or business. Once we develop a professional relationship, you will learn that you can count on me to deliver GOOD, SOLID, HONEST ADVICE about your legal problems. Although I handle most legal problems, I have a whole network of colleagues to tap into if I do not practice in a particular area of law that addresses your problem. This is the power of having me as your attorney. I am local, but I practice statewide. I am licensed to practice in every court in Texas including JP courts, county courts, state district courts, to federal court.

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My areas of practice are:

  • Family Law & Divorce
  • Consumer and Commercial Litigation
  • Probate

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